BE Series Coolant Recycler


BE Series Engine Coolant/Antifreeze Recyclers

55-gallon Engine Coolant Recycling System

Finish Thompson's BE-55C antifreeze recycling system utilizes advanced vacuum distillation technology to recycle waste engine coolant.

FTI Premium Inhibitor restores corrosion protection attributes to glycol distillate. Processes ethylene or propylene based glycols.

Why use vacuum distillation to recycle waste engine coolant?

Simply put, FTI's patented distillation technology excels at removing all contaminants, both suspended and dissolved, from the waste coolant. It provides the highest quality, recycled coolant available and is the only process that removes water from the waste stream...resulting in a distillate (end product) of concentrated pure glycol.

This technology has been laboratory and fleet tested and is approved by numerous automotive and heavy duty OEMs. All recycling equipment is USA manufactured following ISO9001 guidelines for consistency in manufacturing procedures and commitment to promised delivery schedules.

Numerous U.S. Government military installations around the world use the BE-55C to recycle waste engine coolant. This is an excellent testimonial to FTI's expertise in advanced recycling technology.


 Process Time:
 16 to 18 hours
 60" H x 54" W x 32" D
 (152 cm x 137 cm x 81 cm)
 Electrical Requirements:
 240V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz; 40 amps
 Air Requirements:
 10-125 psi to use air assisted drain. Air is used
 for only 10  minutes per cycle










How the BE55C Works

  1. Insert the fill hose into a 55-gallon drum of waste engine coolant.
  2. Push the "Fill" switch. Coolant is automatically drawn into the distillation tank.
  3. Push the "Start" switch.
  4. Waste coolant is heated until it turns to vapor.
  5. Vapors are cooled and water portion flows into distilled water collection tank.
  6. A sensor determines water collection is complete and switches flow to a distilled glycol collection tank.
  7. A low liquid level indicator automatically terminates the distillation process.
  8. Upon cycle completion, the recycled coolant is mixed with Finish Thompson Premium Inhibitor to restore the glycol to like new condition.


  • Patented process
  • Two stage process delivers a concentrated, clean glycol
  • Processes 55 gallons of waste per batch
  • Requires no external water source
  • Automatic fill complete with fill hose and level sensor
  • Air assisted drain makes reside removal easy
  • Single button controls the entire distillation process
  • No filters required
  • FTI Premium Inhibitor restores corrosion protection to processed glycol
  • Unit skid mounted for easy installation
  • Rugged construction - built to last
  • Toll free technical support hotline (U.S. & Canadian customers only)


  • Removes virtually all contaminants, both suspended and dissolved
  • Removes excess water from waste coolant providing concentrated glycol
  • Process approved by OEMs
  • Works on conventional, long-life, Japanese, European, and ethylene or propylene based glycols
  • Reduces new coolant costs
  • Reduces long-term liability associated with coolant disposal
  • Allows the recovery of a valuable, non-renewable resource
  • Helps protect sewage treatment plants from heavy metals and highBOD/COD
  • Minimal operator involvement